Welcome on board to Eng. Alfonso Letizia
We are honored to announce Alfonso Letizia’s entry into Greengo, Head of Wind and Storage, with the aim of accelerating the technological diversification of GreenGo Srl in the wind […]
Second GreenGo’s anemometer commissioned in Sicily
Second Grengo’s anemometer commissioned in Sicily, Lercara Friddi (Palermo)Now erected an anemometer of 45mt with 8 sensors NRG Logger Campbell, that measure wind speed and directions, […]
GreenGo’s anemometers plan
GreenGo’s anemometers plan: milestone achieved for 3 of 10 of wind farm sites [San Severo (FG), Lercara Friddi (PA) and Acate (RG)]Fabio Domenico Amico has just announced […]
GreenGo: first Lidar application in Italy for wind farms
Introduction of LIDAR systems in onshore wind power plants and GreenGo selected ZX300 to measure the wind higher than traditional met masts. This innovative and accurate […]
Wind power, Project in Puglia
GreenGo develops a new Wind farm project in Apulia, 10 turbines 6 MW GreenGo designs the first Italian onshore project, by SPV Enerwing S.r.l., equipped with […]