A distinctive approach
to project development

Project development is our core business, we originate and develop greenfield projects till ready-to-built status. 

Thanks to our in-house experienced engineering and development team, we are able to ensure the highest standards in renewable energy projects design. This capital of internal expertise and know-how is our strategic asset.

Our area managers handle relationships with local stakeholders, boosting engagement of local communities. Permanent scouting of new initiatives through local networks undergirds the growth of our pipeline.

Exploiting cutting-edge solutions and state-of-the-art technologies we aim to combine the highest performances for our utility scale assets with long-term sustainability.

40 selected site contract negotiation TICA assessment due diligence pre-feasibility +200 assessed site

Project Selection

GreenGo implemented a strict sites selection process, starting from pre-feasibility to Due Diligence and TICA assessment (outsourced to REA advisory teams). The hierarchic selection process ensures a minimization of internal efforts and high standards bankable sites for project development.

Internal Engineering

GreenGo has an in-house team of engineers and architects coordinated by Fabio Amico, dedicated to project engineering and design. Most of the documentation is produced internally or by selected and trusted external professionals.

Permitting Excellence

Thanks to its advisory background, GreenGo has a deep knowledge of regional energy regulation in order to perform the issuance of AU – Autorizzazione Unica as recently updated with the PAUR – Provvedimento Autorizzatorio Unico Regionale.

Local Presence

GreenGo has a team of 3 experienced area manager dedicated to originate and develop new sites, manage relationships with land owners and local bodies and permitting process follow-up.

Strategic Siting

GreenGo target its development on areas interested by strategic infrastructures, such as new relevant ESS, highway paths with electrification projects, relevant grid nodes and infrastructural hubs of national interest.

Agricultural Integration

GreenGo design all its projects to be integrated with the local agricultural activity with “agrovoltaic” solutions, preventing soil use, enhancing circular economy and facilitating relationships with local communities.